God Wants You to Love President Trump

Many people would be shocked at such a statement. “How could God ever want me to love a man like Donald Trump? How could God ever approve of someone like him? He’s a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic bigot! I HATE Donald Trump!” Oh, is that so? But wouldn’t you like to know how God… Continue reading God Wants You to Love President Trump

The REAL Second-Coming of Hitler

Abraham was separated by God to establish the nation of Israel. The land that God pulled him out of is what we know today as Iran (Elam and Persia in the Bible.) As God commanded a blessing to the people of Israel, the other nations naturally became their enemies. Israel was the one place where… Continue reading The REAL Second-Coming of Hitler

What God and Donald Trump Have in Common

Surely it’s a provocative headline, but I’m confident that this post will be able to clear up many important issues. I’m going to be talking about what’s really going on in the anti-Trump chaos, and how the President-elect is experiencing a phenomenon that even our loving Heavenly Father can relate to. To begin, let’s focus… Continue reading What God and Donald Trump Have in Common

What needs to be said about President-elect Donald Trump

The “United” States of America needs to get the memo: our next President is Donald Trump. And you know what?  Deal with it! Those who are rallying against him with inane protests, hateful language on the Internet, and hilariously unrealistic “impeach” online petitions are proving why this country is so divided in the first place.… Continue reading What needs to be said about President-elect Donald Trump

Don’t Stop Believin’

Journey’s mega-hit is the most downloaded song of the 21st century. Pretty incredible, right? The song’s primary source was then-newcomer to the band, keyboardist and guitarist Jonathan Cain. Since then, he has inspired millions and millions of people with his song’s powerful message. But as of a few days ago, Jonathan Cain is back to… Continue reading Don’t Stop Believin’

Calling All Christians

While many of us would love to stand out as beacons of light in this world of darkness, we just don’t feel significant enough. We often look to people who are in positions of influence to lead the charge. What’s the problem with that? Far too many aren’t doing all they can to stand up… Continue reading Calling All Christians

Why “Religion” is responsible for Orlando Terror Attack

It’s essential for us to know the difference between religion, and a way of life such as Christianity. Many people have a false belief that Christianity IS a religion, but when looked at from a proper perspective, that’s simply not the case. Religion can be defined as “man’s idea or view of God.” Religion strays… Continue reading Why “Religion” is responsible for Orlando Terror Attack